SHOCKING! 99% Have Been Brushing Their Teeth Wrong All This While ⇒ (A Must Read)

5. Keep your toothbrush clean — Although your toothbrush looks clean after you finish brushing bacteria that can cause bad breath and cavities can grow on the bristles.

Rinse the brush when you’ve finished to help remove the harmful bacteria it’s also useful to buy a cup to keep your toothbrush in and leaving the toothbrush touching the sink or counter makes it more likely to pick up other bacteria from your bathroom

4. Floss your teeth daily — Although tooth brushing is a very effective way to keep your teeth clean…

Bristles often cannot reach in between your teeth where food and bacteria can build up and develop into tartar.

Well, it doesn’t matter if you floss before or after brushing your teeth, it is an important part of keeping your whole mouth clean and healthy.

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